Wednesday, April 23, 2014


While in LA a couple of weeks ago, I found out about the most amazing product called Kix'ies. I have to be honest with you, when publicist Maile Cabral slipped me her card and told me to email her about trying the Kix'ies brand of thigh high stockings, I was a little skeptical. You see, Maile told me that Kix'ies had a size for almost everyone and they were guaranteed to stay up with out garters.

Don't get me wrong, garters are sexy to look at, but a real hassle to deal with. As a rule, the only hosiery I wear are the occasional pair of tights in the winter, so, the thought of getting an interesting texture on my legs without the hassle of shimmying into tights did peek my interest. I decided to take Maile up on the challenge and ordered a super sexy pair of polka dot Kix'ies.

I decided to rock my Kix'ies with my fave ASOS leather skater skirt with my Lavender's Jungle tulle underskirt and JCP colorblock blouse. I rounded out the look with my convertible Kate Spade Saturday bag and magenta Shoe Mint pumps. 

I am proud to report that my Kix'ies fit comfortably around my thighs and stayed up all day! I also felt pretty sexy knowing that I was wearing them, too. My Kix'ies are a size D and fit like a glove. I totally recommend giving them a try. Now through the end of the month, take $5 off your purchase using the code KIXIE-5. Happy Shopping!


<3 Parker S. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two-Way Tuesday: Numbered Designs

Hey Guys! How's it going today? I normally don't remix a bold piece this quickly, but on Easter I had to rock my black and white plaid Numbered Designs skirt again. You first saw this look in LA for the kick off of Lucky Fabb. 

The one thing I omitted about the skirt last time is that it's reversible!!! How awesome is that? Designer, Shang Coleman Lined my skirt with another layer of the fabric so that I can literally flip in inside out and have a totally different look! For Easter I decided to wear it on the reverse side and paired it with my faux leather Ashley Stewart peplum, old Eloquii belt, Shoe Mint pumps and a re-purposed Brighton jewelry case as a clutch. 

What do you think? I love the double layers on this skirt because it gives an entirely different dimension of style. Paired with the peplum it looks more like a dress than separates. Like I told you before, pieces from Numbered Designs are super exclusive and limited in quantity. To get your very own piece of the action, email

Make the world your personal runway! 

<3 Parker S. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

#ootd Denim & Dots

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxing in case you were wondering. With the weather being so up and down, I haven't really been motivated to wear anything fab. Although it's April, it's been feeling more like February some days and when it's not cold it's been raining. Thankfully this weekend we had a break in the weather and I was able to really pull out some of my spring clothes.

Last year, I scored an adorable polka dot skirt from ASOS. I have worn it several times, but decided to give it a little pop. I paired the skirt with my fave denim shirt from JCP,  Just Fab Luxe pumps, Michael Kors clutch and vintage Eloquii Jacket. I loved adding the pops of green and purple because I think it definitely took the look up a notch.

What do you think? I know the green and purple really don't make since, but somehow they both work. How do you wear denim and dots?


<3 Parker S

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Repeat Offender: Cayetano Legacy

Happy Tuesday! In lieu of a Two-Way Tuesday post, I thought it was time to do another riveting edition of Repeat Offender. If you are new to the blog, occasionally I have to make fun of myself for abusing certain accessories or articles of clothing. The topic of today's discussion is my Cayetano Legacy Talese Necklace!

I first scored this piece back in June during a private viewing of the collection from my friend and Cayetano Legacy NY rep Jessica Dandria. I picked out several pieces and have totally abused all of them. The Talese in particular has been abused more than most. From NY, to GA all the way to Cali, this necklace has more sky miles than I do! Below are just a few of the 9 million times I have worn this necklace. 

Although the Talese is no longer available online, be sure to browse the new spring collection! Visit and you can score your own necklace to abuse! LOL!


<3 Parker S. 

With my friend Jessica Dandria of Cayetano Legacy 

My first ever Parker Style Remix of Karen Leano's look.

Outside of City Target in LA

Even my mom got in on the abuse of this necklace! lol! 

With buddy Wendy Derilus of Just Jewels 4 You

Sharing some Easter goodies with my friend Lindsey 
I dubbed this my Mary Tyler Moore Moment

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lucky Fabb Finale

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was hectic to say the least. I was supposed to give you my final look from Lucky Fabb on Saturday, but the day got away from me. I finished up Lucky Fabb by wearing another fabulous skirt by Numbered Designs.

Because we were brunching, I wanted to wear something dainty, yet impactful. I paired my gold tulle skirt with a breathtaking necklace and ring courtesy of one of my fave accessories designers Rean Fisher. She created these pieces specifically for this ensemble and also loaned me an amazing mother of pearl clutch. To round out the look, I added a color pop with my cobalt blue suede Manolo Blahnik pumps.

What do you think?!? How amazing were my accessories? Special thanks to Tammie Reed of Talking with Tami for snapping my outfit pics. If you want to score a skirt similar to mine email and to grab amazing one of a kind baubles like my necklace and ring, visit .

Friday, April 11, 2014

***Fashion Flash***

I'm seeing stripes and hosting a fabulous #BendelBash on April 29th at Henri Bendel Lenox Square from 6-8pm! Join me for an evening of shopping and treats and a special 20% discount. Live out of town and can't make it in? Feel free to browse the site and phone the store with your orders to receive the discount. I hope to see all of you there! Be sure to rsvp to to confirm your attendance. 


<3 Parker S.

Lucky Fabb Day 1

Happy Friday! I can't believe it's been a week since I was in LA. I wanted to kick this Friday off with a flashback to last week. When I began to prepare my ensembles for Lucky Fabb, I knew I wanted to be different. I expressed my reservations to you earlier this week in my Fat FABB post about being curvy in a room full of straight sized women, so I knew I wanted to make a big impact with my fashions.

I reached out to my friends at Twelve 24 Boutique and they told me about an awesome new label that created custom skirts called Numbered Designs . What makes this particular label special is the fact that the pieces are limited edition creations that are numbered like artwork and are a part of capsule collections by local designers! How cool is that?!? The Numbered Designs skirts I rocked were created by designer extraordinaire, Shang Coleman. They also told me about a new t-shirt line called Statement Piece Tees and I knew exactly how I wanted to spin my looks.

For the first day I paired a custom Numbered Designs skirt with a cheeky little tee from Statement Piece Tees, both via Twelve 24 Boutique. Because the skirt and shirt were such a bold statement, I paired them with my studded Shoe Mint pumps and Brighton Collectibles bangles and watch.

What do you think? This is definitely one of my fave looks for the year and will totally compete with the look I will show you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this look and stay tuned for the Numbered Designs skirt I will show you tomorrow! For more info on the skirt and tee please email .


<3 Parker S.

Photo Courtesy of Thea Neal. My skirt saved her seat! lol!